A list of great research paper topics for high school students about movies

Movies have been a staple form of recreation for many people the world over and for many years this sought after activity has continued to be seen in this light. The types of movies that exists today has an expansive range that encompasses humor, sadness, suspense and literally most of the emotions that people experience so take this into consideration. Immediately following these introductory statements would be a list of research paper topics for high school students concerning motion pictures and the industry that steers it to continued success.
Enjoy using these titles as a practice arena for that is the scope of this article.

  1. Can the level of violence in movies be an issue for nations that do not have a secure grip on the society?
  2. What causes certain people to be unable to stand movies that promotes the heavier and stronger emotions?v
  3. Would motion pictures showcasing extreme action and ever be replaced by published works that promote thrilling suspense?
  4. Should economists and other governmental corporations use the data they get from observing theater goers to calculate various necessary social realities?
  5. Is it unethical to use the data gathered from various surveys directed toward the movie lovers for the government to understand the culture of their citizens?
  6. Some people judge others by the type of movie they prefer and sometimes this adversely affects a nation.
  7. Segregation and dislike can be just the start of the contention between the citizens of a nation. Write a research paper that explains how this works.
  8. Characterize the types of people that view the various assortments of movie types.
  9. Write on the changes that took place in the film industry over the past four decades.
  10. How lucrative is the independent film industry and what perks does it have over the major players in this field?
  11. Debate the affects that movies that were designed for mature audiences have on minors
  12. What makes the quality and quantity of this form of leisure decrease as a person gets older?
  13. Freedom of speech has influenced the film industry adversely but was this a good change or a bad one?