Rules to Follow While Creating a Research Paper Proposal in APA Format

A research paper usually contains a detailed step by step analysis of a particular topic. This issue or problem is discussed in the report through different points. Also, it contains a number of solutions to the problem or issues being discussed in the research proposal. But the research proposal needs to be presented in the correct manner for it to be considered a well written and valid paper. The most common method for writing a proper research paper is by following the rules laid down by the American Psychological Association, commonly referred to as the APA format.

The Title Page

The first page of an APA styled research paper should contain the title of the research paper. It shouldn’t exceed twelve words. The title should also give the readers the idea of the topic that has been analyzed in the paper. This page should also contain the name of the student, the course under which the research topic falls and the date of submission.

The Abstract Page

The abstract page is the second page of the research paper. It is basically a summary of the entire research proposal containing one sentence each about the topic, how the study of this topic was carried out, the results followed by the solution. This should not exceed more than 100-120 words. Writing this at the end makes things easier.

The Introduction

The introduction, as the name suggests, should contain an introduction about the problem or issue that has been researched, studied and discussed in the paper. The introduction itself should give a clear idea about the nature of the problem and how important it is to solve the issue.

Methods, Results and Conclusion

The introduction is followed by the method which gives a detailed report of the study that has been made on the topic. Once the method is completed, the results of the study need to be put down next. This section should be ended by the discussion which contains the conclusions from the findings or the probable solutions to the problem.


This should contain all the references used in the report along with the name of the author. No one should remain unacknowledged. Once you finish putting it into this format, do not forget to proofread your work. Make sure your research paper is written to impress!